We’re very proud of our HQ. We built it in Larne, Northern Ireland in 1994. It’s super-insulated and almost carbon neutral.

We coppice willow grown outside the door and we use the wood in our woodburner, the main source of heat in the winter. We had some ex battery hens scratching amongst the willow until the fox had them!

We’re building a new extension to accommodate the new people who are joining us and that will house a wood pellet boiler. Of course we have a wind turbine on site to keep the lights on.

We took delivery of three Citroen Berlingo Electriques in 1998 and have run them successfully ever since. Our people are encouraged to cycle to work, there’s undercover bike storage and colleagues are given work time freshen up after the uphill pedal to work. (It’s downhill going home)

Oh yes... and we have cakes on Friday.

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